WIG BANK 29th October 2022

One of SELBCTs lovely ladies who attends our Patients Support group is setting up a wig bank, If anyone can help in any way please do contact Vicki.
Hope you are all well. With kind permission from the original founder of The Wig Bank, I am starting a Wig Bank, London. The idea is that kind ladies who are finished with treatment donate their wigs and then these are sold on for affordable prices to those who cannot afford new wigs.
The original website is here Wigbank – Wigs for all occasions!
I need to start collecting wigs from people though first! The Wig Bank London will be part of my own website that I have set up.
if you have any wigs that you would like to donate? I am setting up a PO box, but in the meantime would be happy to receive any donations to my home address which is 35 Shooters Hill, London SE18 3RL. Also, if you know of any wig shops or connections who might wish to donate any new or other wigs, that would also be brilliant.
Thank you in advance!
Vicki xxx
Vicki Knowles


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