Sky Dive 2011

Mr Desai- leading Breast Cancer Surgeon from the PRUH skydives for Patients

Mr Desai and staff from The Glades Shopping Centre took part in a charity sky dive for The Lymph Node Analyser Appeal. This event has been one of many the Glades have supported us in to raise much needed funds to run this vital piece of equipment. A number of Trustees, patients and friends and family of Mr Desai went along to support the event.

Georgie (SELBCT trustee) said ‘It was a really nice happy friendly occasion, I went down with Marylin Martin, Jackie Smith and Alison Hookham, nurses from the PRU and people from The Glades, we were all there to support the jumpers. We arrived at 9.30 am, Mr Desai had been there since 8.30!  As Mr Desai and the staff were there as a group they had to wait until 4.30 pm before jumping, so we all had a relaxing day in the field. It was a long wait  for all the jumpers to be kitted up and ready to go. Mr Desai was asked how he felt afterwards, he said,

“Best day ever, trusting in the professionals made it easier and even enjoyable’’ he also said it was nothing compared to what his patients have to go through.  Georgie spent the afternoon sitting and laying on her back in a field with a camera pointing at the sky. Mr Desai did say ‘did you see me waving, Georgie replied ‘not from 12,000 feet!’ A massive thank you to all who took part.


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