Ash has raised £786.90 so far but his My Donate page will be open until January 22nd 2014 if you wish to make a donation; click here.

Ash would also like to thank the anonymous people who have sponsored him and let them know he really appreciates their support…whoever they are!! But this is what he had to say about the event:

Things that went against me:

1. The run was on the eve of the worst predicted storm since 1987.

2. I have only ever run 10 miles once (Last year’s Great South Run).

3. I don’t like running!

4. I tore my calf muscle 4 months ago, ouch!

5. Running into 40 miles per hour gusts of wind during the last 2 miles stretch.

6. My body isn’t built for running!

On the bright side:

I am truly humbled at the generosity showed by my amazing family and friends. Together we have raised a staggering £786.90 (inc. gift aid) for SELBCT.

I was inspired to run the Great South by my cousin Rasila who was treated by Mr Anil Desai, his talented team and all those behind the scenes at SELBCT. Her courage throughout the treatment was outstanding and very inspirational. This definitely helped me to push through all of those painful training sessions when all I wanted to do was to stop and sit down.

As I walked to the start line I was greeted by the wind almost blowing me off my feet and the spray from the sea in my face. This was definitely going to be a challenging day to run. I was pleased to cross the starting line and get past the first mile without tripping over the other runners. 90 minutes of running ahead, what could possibly go wrong?!

A real highlight of the run was the thousands of supporters who lined the streets of my hometown, Portsmouth. They cheered all of the runners throughout the 10 miles, which at times was a life saver! Hats off to them. I loved running through the Historic Dockyard with HMS Victory peering over us.

All the talk before the run was about the grueling last 2 miles along the seafront. After running 8 miles the last thing anybody needed was to run straight into very strong headwinds. A number of times I thought about walking but my cousin Rasila’s determination came to the forefront of my mind and I pushed on through. By far this was the hardest run I have ever done. By the end I was windswept, dripping with sweat and covered in sea salt. An attractive look?!! Saying that, the sense of achievement was amazing.

All in all it was a brilliant day. Despite the horrendous wind I ran 10 miles in 1 hour 29 minutes and 34 seconds which was 12 seconds faster than last year! I have no idea how I managed to achieve this! Together with my fabulous friends and family, we managed to raise over £750 (inc. gift aid) for SELBCT. I know every penny of that money will go into caring for those who are fighting breast cancer and for their wonderful supporting families.

All I can say is a massive thank you for all of your support. It really helped me get through the pain!!


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