Bromley Breast Friends

Bromley Breast Friends is a group of volunteers or buddies who have undergone training with MacMillan Cancer Support to assist us in offering listening support on a one to one basis, in person or over the phone. We have either been diagnosed with breast cancer in the past or have been living alongside a close relative or friend who has been on the same journey.

We do not offer any medical advice or information. Links to authorised creditable cancer charities that do provide this service are available on our home page.

If you would like to meet a buddy or speak to someone on the phone please contact us on the dedicated charity phone – 07593 720208

Doctors, nurses and medical staff are a vital source of information at the time of diagnosis and throughout treatment. The buddy is someone you can sit and chat to. You can listen to their experience, just talk about yourself or ask those questions you think might be a little silly to ask a member of your medical team. No question is stupid and feelings you may have are probably not unknown to people that have been through your current journey.

We are a totally confidential group of ordinary, very positive, non judgemental women and men. Please fell free to contact us during any stage of your treatment and we will endeavour to match you with someone who fits your needs.


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