TEAM Kylie is taking part in the BRAvo Mini Rally 2020 to:

Raise awareness of breast cancer especially in rural and isolated areas

Raise money for The South East London Breast Cancer Trust and Breast Cancer Kent

Can you help Team Kylie? We are taking part in an amazing mini rally through Europe in May 2020.

Everyone knows about Brexit but have you heard of Shexit! In May 2020 a group of courageous all female drivers, all of whom have been touched in some way by breast cancer, some with battle scars, but all with big hearts and boot loads of tenacity, will be steering the way forward driving Minis from Cornwall, through the south of England, down through Europe to the finish, on the Greek island of Kefalonia. The BRAvo Rally will raise both awareness and money for people that have been and will be affected by breast cancer.

The challenge!

The journey will take place over six days and is approximately 2150 miles in total. The journey starts at the Mermaid Centre in Cornwall and takes us through the south west, south and south east counties of England. Our first stop will be Smarden in Kent. The rally then boards the Euro Shuttle at Folkstone into France, through the French Alps, Tuscany and Umbria in Italy to the Amalfi coast before heading to Bari on the heel of Italy with an overnight crossing to mainland Greece.  Finally, we take one more ferry to the island of Kefalonia before finishing in Argostoli, the capital of Kefalonia.   Some days the ladies will be driving over eleven hours, in right-hand drive cars, from map reading on motorways to the narrow streets of the Amalfi coasts, loading onto ferries and into tunnels, paying tolls and undertaking challenges along the way. We will take every opportunity to raise awareness of breast cancer and when we arrive in Kefalonia we will be delivering patient comfort packs to help raise awareness and the need to support patients during and after treatment on the Island.

A Clinical Lead Breast Care Specialist Nurse is coming on the journey.  She will be talking to ladies along the way on how they can check themselves, what signs they need to look out for and what action they should take if they find a lump or a change in their breasts. We will raise as much awareness as we can and create as much lasting impact that will make a difference to people yet to be diagnosed and provide hope and support to those living with a diagnosis of Breast Cancer.

We know that:

  • Raising awareness of breast cancer saves lives
  • Supporting patients through treatment and beyond supports better recovery and has a positive impact on mental health and wellbeing of patients and their families.
  • Additional funds raised enables ground-breaking medical equipment to be available at a local level in South East London and Kent.

Why is Team Kylie taking part in the BRAvo Mini Rally?

Team Kylie’s drivers are:

Sam, a Trustee of, who was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer in 2009, aged 41. She underwent extensive treatment and a number of surgeries. Eighteen months later her sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. Through her charity work and her own cancer journey, she has become very aware of the impact breast cancer can have on women’s health and wellbeing and the need to raise awareness and support patients.

Sarah a Trustee of SELBCT and a friend of Sam. Sarah’s mum was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2011. She too knows from first-hand experience the need to raise money for better treatment options and provide friendship and support for patients, particularly after treatment has ended.

Rebecca was diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2019, aged 38. Rebecca will have not long finished her radiotherapy treatment following extensive surgery and chemotherapy. Rebecca wants to highlight the importance of young women and men checking for any lumps and bumps regularly and that early identification can save lives.

Sadly, our fourth team member, another Sarah, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012, aged 32 years old, lost her fight to breast cancer in January 2020. Sarah wanted to take part in the mini rally with Team Kylie, as she felt there was a need to inform younger women to look out for the signs of breast cancer. Losing Sarah was devastating but Team Kylie will drive in her memory and complete her wish to raise awareness of this disease.

Are you able to sponsor Team Kylie?

There are several sponsorship deals available (see information attached). We will be grateful for any support that you can give us.  The minis will create huge impact in convoy and with your help, will be decorated with advertising and sponsorship from companies and businesses that are pledging to support this very worthwhile cause.  Supporting the BRAvo Rally will also be a great way to start conversations in your business and raise the visibility about issues around breast cancer and who are affected by it. Early detection, communicating and not feeling isolated are all ways in which we can make a difference.

You can find out more about the charities we are supporting at and Breast Cancer Kent and both are on Facebook. We hope you can be part of team Kylie’s Bravo Mini Challenge and help us improve support and outcomes for Breast Cancer Patients in South East London and Kent.

For more information on how to sponsor Team Kylie you can email  or call Sam on 07939 205016 or 01233 770531. To make a general donation go to our GoFundMe page: Making Mini Miles Matter 4 Breast Cancer Patient.

Best wishes, Team Kylie

              Sponsorship packages for Team Kylie      

Half Mini sponsorship – £1500 to include 2 exclusive door panels or bonnet and boot advertising on team Kylie’s Mini

Individual panel sponsorship – £750 to include 1 exclusive door panel or the bonnet or the boot on Team Kylie’s Mini

Sponsor a driver – There will also be an opportunity to sponsor Team Kylie drivers for each of the Minis at £250 each, logos and branding can be tailored to clothing that the driver will wear.

Sponsor per mileage – like the good old fashioned sponsored walk or bike ride! We also have per mileage sponsorship on offer at £1 per mile so as little or as much as you can afford.  (A minimum of £150 sponsorship will be required with your printed vinyl car sticker if you wish to feature on a mini, this will not be exclusive).  You can also sponsor any leg of the journey that you wish or even an overnight stay en-route.

Other opportunities:

We will also be looking for sponsorship of the following: servicing of the Minis, tyres, clothing for the teams, European breakdown insurance and contributions to the care packs required for the patients diagnosed in Kefalonia.

What do you get in return for your sponsorship?

In return for your very kind sponsorship, you will receive:

  • Press and social media coverage and attention- (the Newshopper in South East London is presently writing a story about our team and will be in a March edition)
  • Advertising and publicity of your company logo on your chosen Mini from Cornwall through southern England, down through Europe, on to Greece and then back to the UK.
  • Recognition in all advertising, promotional material and PR leading up to and including the Rally.

Team Kylie Lead Driver- Sam Crinnion




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