Blackheath Rugby Club Ladies Day

On Saturday 11th April Blackheath Rugby Club held its 5th Ladies Day at the Rectory Field with some of the proceeds going to our charity.  Richard Windsor who plays for the first XV did a sterling job with the organisation of this event.

A very large marquee with pink carpet on the floor was set up for the party. There was a buffet, a very large chocolate fountain and all the pimms and champagne you could drink.

The day was very warm and sunny as the ladies arrived in their refinery – and very high heeled shoes – with the sensible ones brining flip flops for the evening.  The drinks were served by bare chested  waiters  wearing a bow tie round their neck and a pink waiters apron – a couple removed their trousers and wore pink pants  much to the delight of the ladies present – these waiters are all players who were injured or not picked to play that day. There was music before and after the match so there was also a lot of dancing going on. The food was quickly eaten as the ladies needed to have something inside them to soak up the alcohol!!!!! We all left the marquee at 3pm to watch the match although the result was disappointing as Blackheath lost, but it didn’t dampen the spirits of the ladies. The trustees  and bucket shakers were invited into the changing room after the match to have our photo taken with the team. The team wore pink shirts for the occasion and these were auctioned off after the match. They raised an amazing amount of money along with the ladies buying the waiter’s aprons.

Sam, Georgie, Susie, Sam, Poppy, Gillian, Holly and Christine representing SELBCT were able to sell the official tee shirts and hoodies as well as our pens and wristbands. We also went round with our buckets. We took home £673.51 on the day and we believe there may be more to come. Please take a look at the photographs to see what a great day we had.

On Saturday 25th April, Christine was presented with a cheque for £2,500.00 by Simon Legg and Tom Bason – the captain – which was the donation proceeds from the Ladies Day held on 11th April. A very big thank you to all that was involved in making this one of the best Ladies Day’s we have had at the Club.

We would like to sincerely thank Blackheath Rugby Club for choosing our charity for their 5th Ladies Day and we wish them well in their last match of the season against Fylde.



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