• Miles Bullock

    Miles is the present Chair of SELBCT.
    My wife Sam was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2009. We started to understand that early intervention and a speedy program of treatment would ensure that the cancer would be removed and hopefully not return. We began fundraising. The lymph node analyser was installed at The Princess Royal University Hospital in February 2011.


  • Chistine Oliver

    Christine Oliver was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in February 2008. I am married to Keith and have two children and two grandchildren.

    I underwent a mastectomy and reconstruction in March 2008 and 28 weeks of chemotherapy. I was so impressed with the treatment I received from The Chartwell Unit, and more importantly, Mr Desai, that I felt I wanted to give something back to benefit others.

    I did my first fundraiser for The Chartwell Breast Unit in September 2009 with the help of my husband and friends. I am also the Treasurer for the charity.


  • Georgie de la Nougerede

    Georgie is married to Clive and has 4 children and 9 Grandchildren.
    I had Breast Cancer in 1994, 2000,and 2009, My treatment included bilateral mastectomies with reconstructions.
    My reconstructions included used a stomach muscle (Tranflap) also using a muscle from my back. with chemotherapy, radiotherapy and Herceptin.
    Following successful fundraising along with other patients helped form SELBCT
    I wanted to give back a little of the wonderful care I had received.


  • Susie Rice

    Susie was diagnosed with Grade 3 Ductal Carcinoma in Situ in December 2010. She underwent two lumpectomy operations followed by 5 weeks of radiotherapy, and finished her treatment with 5 years of Tamoxifen. Susie is married to Jason and has a son and daughter.
    Having read about the charity, Susie regularly participated at various fund raising events.

    Because of Susie’s enthusiastic hands on approach, she was asked to become a trustee at the end of 2015.


  • Mr Anil J Desai

    Mr Anil J Desai A consultant breast surgeon with a special interest in breast diseases and oncoplastic and reconstructive breast surgery. He obtained his MBBS from the MS University of Baroda in India and completed all his postgraduate training in the UK. He has eight years of training in breast cancer surgery which included hospitals such as the Royal Marsden Hospital and Charing Cross Hospital. He has been a consultant in the NHS since 1999 and has considerable experience in oncoplastic breast surgery and cosmetic breast surgery. He obtained an MPhil from the University of London for molecular biology research related to the expression of a variant oestrogen receptor in breast cancer.


  • Sam Crinnion

    Sam was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in October 2009 at the age of 41.
    I was triple positive. I underwent a mastectomy, additional surgery for lymph node removal, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. I completed my herceptin treatment in January 2011. It was during my first surgery that I became aware of a much needed lymph node analyser. With my surgeon, Anil Desai, we officially launched an appeal. A classical concert was organised and raised £69,000 in April 2010. By May 2010 the total had risen to £85,000. During the fund raising I met with other patients and together with their consultant the new charity for Breast Cancer Patients was launched in August 2010.