Hi Everyone,

Our next Support meeting is on 31st May ,If you can confirm if you would like to attend and I can let the Deirdrie and Veronica our very helpful nurses at the Sloane know and they will inform the caterers.

Susie suggested that we have a meeting where our husbands/ Partners can come along with us and discuss the impact our journey has on them If you think your Husband/Partner would like to come along, can you let me know, either this month or next, we will see which is the most popular. I think this would be very interesting.

If there is a speaker that you would like to hear from new or one that has attended in the past can you also let me know.

Also if you no longer wish to receive our updates please advise and I will take you of the mailing list.

Please check our web site SELBCT.org to see what we have been up to lately.