The South East Breast Cancer Trust have donated Two plum A+ Infusion Systems in June 2012 to Queen Mary’s Sidcup and enable the patient’s to receiver their drug therapy at a faster rated by machine which was less intrusive than having it manually by hand. It allows them to relax during the treatment rather than having to be restricted by the manual process.

Plum A+ Infusion Systems also allow

  • Automated second-line delivery — eliminates the need to raise and lower infusion containers, improving ease-of-use and efficiency
  • Concurrent delivery of 2 medications through a single patient line
  • Air-in-Line detection and elimination — air trap captures up to 2 mLs of air
  • Accumulated air can be removed by automated back-priming without disconnecting the patient line, reducing the risk of contamination
  • Deliver secondary infusions via IV container or syringe