All the items below we’re donated by SELBCT to local chemotherapy Units to assist with patients comfort during their chemotherapy treatment.

Lymph assist machine… Donated to Lymph odema clinic at Harris Hospice…..Two deep tissue massage machines one for the clinic and one for home loan. These machines are used to assist with the drainage of fluid for patients living with Lymph Odema. They are one of the latest machines on the market providing excellent results in managing this difficult condition.

Donated to Queen Mary’s Hospital Sidcup….. Dyson blade less fans.  These fans provide a much needed relief to patients undergoing chemotherapy, during the hot weather and when patients suffer with the heat during treatment.
 Nest of tables donated to Queen Elizabeth Hospital Woolwich, to enable patient’s to place their refreshments next to them rather balance a tray on their laps whilst attached to drug therapy.

Portable DVD players donated to PRUH and Queen Mary’s Hospital, Sidcup….. They allow patients to place on the head phones and loose themselves in a film during treatment, whilst the busy ward works around them.

Flat screen TV donated to PRUH….. Donated in time for the 2012 Olympics so patients were able to enjoy the spectacular events during their ongoing treatment.

IV pumps donated to Queen Mary’s Sidcup… Two extra machines enabled the patient’s to receiver their drug therapy at a faster rate by machine which was less intrusive than having it manually by hand. It allowed them to relax during the treatment rather than having to be restricted by the manual process.

Mirrors donated to PRUH….. The mirrors were supplied to help the patients during wig fitting.

Donated to PRUH and Queen Mary’s Sidcup….. Coat stands. Enabled patients to place their coats on the stand instead of on the floor under their chairs. Very important to help assist with infection control.

Dishwasher and crockery, donated to Queen Elizabeth, Sidcup….. Patients drinks and food were supplied in plastic cups and paper plates. The machine has given the patients a little home comforts during treatment.

Weekly magazine subscription… PRUH, Queen Elizabeth, Woolwich and Queen Mary’s Sidcup…. Making the time in the unit pass by a little bit quicker.

Hot water dispenser…Queen Elizabeth, Woolwich….the chemotherapy unit does not have a kitchen, so under Health and Safety no kettles are allowed. We donated a instant hot water machine which enabled patients to make hot drinks during their time in the unit.